Technical Professionals To Drive Digital Transformation

Technical Leaders to lay a firm foundation for digital business transformation

Upskilling in Crisis: Elevate Your Skills With Continuous Learning

During this COVID-19 pause, technical professionals should make time to assess their skills and identify any gaps. This special report brings together four research topics for technical professionals to better understand — and importantly, to act now on — the new skills that will be required for the “new normal”:

  • Infrastructure, operations, and cloud
  • Data and analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Application architecture and development

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Upskill your process in changing times.

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    Technical Architect for digital business

    Organizations can realize the promise of digital business and the digital workplace when they take control of their underpinning architecture, data and technology. Technical professionals provide the foundation that drives digital transformation.

    Legacy I&O practices and data center architectures do not meet the demands of the digital business. Priorities should be based on business needs and creating an execution framework.

    Simon Richard

    Director, Gartner Research & Advisory

    How we address the top technical leader challenges

    As technology innovation spreads in all directions, we provide you with the information, insights, guidance and tools you need to flawlessly execute your digital transformation strategy initiatives.

    How to drive broad and sustainable adoption 

    Discover why team channels change work and how to quickly scale their us with lasting impact.

    Architecture and design

    Deliver sound technical architectures more rapidly to achieve your digital business goals.

    Technology assessment 

    Save time assessing technologies and evaluating new products. Mitigate risk with RFP templates and in-depth product assessments scored against key evaluation criteria.

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