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Higher education CIOs need to plan for the changing new reality. This requires them to separate signals from noise and see the deeper trajectory of technology innovation.  To support CIOs in this quest, this research highlights the top technology trends shaping the higher education industry in 2021.

This eBook will help you:

  1. Gain insight into top technology trends in higher education
  2. Shape your IT strategy and priorities
  3. Enable new enterprise business capabilities and optimize existing processes.

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Leverage technology to optimize and modernize

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    Education CIOs identify digital skills and technologies for sustainable transformation

    Education institutions recognize that the transformational power of digital is forcing them to change their business models in response to consumer demands and competitive pressure. Gartner knows the importance of making institutions more easily adaptable to change and what this entails from both a learning environment and administration system perspective.

    Emerging digital transformation trends in education

    While technology in itself often drives change, CIOs must be able to tell how technology impacts the institution’s operation model, business model (sustainable funding model) and ultimately the education ecosystem. Education's evolution requires a shift in administrative and educational technologies to support new and evolving ways of doing business.

    A chart showing education digital transformation and innovation.

    Working with Gartner helps us to understand the value of what we are doing and put that in terms that the rest of the universe can understand so that we can truly measure it but more important it gives us the ability to focus on the right priorities.

    David Reeve

    CIO, Macquarie University

    Insights you can use

    With Gartner’s research, insight, and guidance, education CIOs can become enablers of student outcomes and help the education organization achieve its broader institutional mission through digital transformation, innovation and technology optimization.

    Gartner Predicts: Strategic Priorities for Higher Education CIOs

    Higher education CIOs continue to face unprecedented change. The pandemic highlighted the significant value of technology to the sector, but CIOs now face expanded demands and dilemmas around prioritization, culture and investment. Watch this webinar to explore key predictions for the future of higher education that will guide CIO strategic planning for the medium term.

    Identify Strategic Technologies and Learning Trends

    Driven by a number of business trends, education leaders are increasingly looking at how technology can reduce costs and drive efficiencies. Facilitate your ability to balance maintaining key systems while enabling emerging and innovative technologies with Gartner insight.

    Improve Business Capabilities and Administration

    Education CIOs face evolving future technology and changing demands on their administrative and learning environments. Our research helps CIOs modernize and optimize their systems to increase efficiency and improve outcomes.

    Unlock Opportunities for an Agile K-12 Organization

    Identifying and understanding K-12’s top tech trends will be critical for the education CIOs to deal with an increasingly fluid and hybrid environment. Leverage our 2021 research to accelerate your organization’s progress toward achieving its digital ambitions.

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    Client Success Story

    Accelerating Business Transformation in the Digital Age

    Macquarie University needed to accelerate its digital transformation journey to enable new business models and provide better outcomes for a brighter digital future. With the use of Gartner research and expert analysts, the client was able to better understand the business needs and focus on the right priorities for successful digital business transformation.

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